professional opportunities

Alliance offers many opportunities for individuals about to launch their professional careers, as well as for more experienced candidates. No matter what position we hire for, we look for people who are self-starters and who want to progress at their own pace. We value a sense of humor, team spirit, street smarts, and boardroom polish.

Applicants should have outstanding academic records (or some very good excuses), strong analytical and personal skills, and budding leadership qualities. We inspire and expect a passion for strategy, dedication to our clients, and the desire to grow the firm.

how we work

Alliance recruits for two consulting roles: Associate and Consultant. Associates are hired out of undergraduate programs. Consultants and Summer Interns typically come from top MBA or graduate schools. Beyond these positions, however, Alliance staff also includes Managers and Vice Presidents. These positions are filled through either internal promotions or hiring experienced professionals externally.

In a typical client engagement, we work in case teams of between 3-5 Alliance employees. Although assignments may vary considerably, a case team is usually led by a Vice President, run by a Manager, and staffed with 1-2 Consultants and 2-3 Associates. Depending on the type of project and specific client needs, case teams typically include between 5 and 8 members from the client company. Team members can number as high as 30 or more on large cases. In staffing projects, we strive to balance the client's need for continuity and knowledge with our own employees' professional development needs. As soon as new hires join the firm, they are given a great deal of responsibility and will be expected to take on more. Client exposure and case team involvement may begin as early as the first day on the job. For that reason, we look for self-starters who want to progress at a rapid pace.

join the team

At Alliance, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals to add to our team. We participate in the recruiting programs at top undergraduate and M.B.A. programs but also hire “off-cycle.” Our recruiting process is designed to find not only the brightest but also those who “fit” our culture. The interviews typically focus around past experiences, career aspirations, and personal interests. Many of our interviews also incorporate a case study so that we can get a better understanding of a candidate’s approach to problem solving.

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frequently asked questions

Q: As a new Consultant or Associate, who would I report to?

A: All Alliance professionals are assigned to project teams for specific clients. Associates and Consultants report to the senior person on the project team, usually a Manager or Vice President.

Q: What role does a Consultant play on the case team?

A: Typically, the Consultant is responsible for part of the case, but often through client personnel. Primary responsibility is at an analytical/problem solving level, with additional shared responsibility for coaching of client staff. Often, the output of a case team will be a series of presentations to the client company's top officials. Presentations may be given either by Alliance Consultants or by company personnel who are coached by Alliance Consultants.

Q: What role does an Associate play on the case team?

A: Associates play a similar role to Consultants, the primary difference involving a heavier emphasis on research and analysis and a lower emphasis on coaching client staff.

Q: How many projects do Consultants/Associates work on simultaneously?

A: Generally, Consultants and Associates are staffed on one case at a time, sometimes two. Associates may also contribute to projects on an as-needed basis.

Q: How will my performance be evaluated?

A: Evaluations are conducted at the end of each case, with formal performance reviews every six months.

Q: Do Alliance Consultants specialize in functional areas or do they remain generalists?

A: We do not specialize, but each individual assignment tends to have a strong functional or industry focus. We try to balance these over time to provide a well-rounded experience.

Q: How long (how many hours) is a typical work week at Alliance?

A: Hours worked per week vary widely by individual and by stage of case work. Typically, we work 50 to 55 hours per week, starting each day between 8:30 and 9:00 am and ending between 6:00 and 7:00 pm. The work week can often be very intense and may involve some late nights and weekend work in crunch times, but we try to counter-balance during lighter times.

Q: How much will I travel?

A: You should expect, on average, 1 to 2 days per week out of the office, but you may be out longer on some cases, especially with out-of-town clients. We try to balance travel assignments among staff.

Q: What is unique about what Alliance has to offer?

A: Alliance offers a high degree of client contact, with early responsibility for case team and client management. Our size allows for rapid promotion potential and the corresponding financial rewards, as well as an individualized career path tailored to each of our staff members. All employees are given the ability to play a central role in the administrative life of the firm and business development.

Q: How would you describe Alliance's culture?

A: Alliance employees are team-oriented, non-hierarchical, and participatory. Compared to many firms, we are more egalitarian and non-competitive. We work hard and stress consummate professionalism, with an emphasis on balanced personal and professional growth.