Sustainability Strategies

Partners:  Stephen Crolius, Brad Dufour, Michael Norkus

The sustainability movement is here to stay.  The transformation of the global economy to "sustainable" is imperative, but far from straightforward.  The trade-offs between short-term and longer-term benefits pose a set of familiar challenges. However, more complex is the question of how much sustainability strategies should alter fundamental pillars of the business structure.

Our work suggests two observations:

  • Sustainability strategies are entering a new phase. These strategies are no longer relegated solely to reducing negative impact on the environment; industry leaders are now aggressively expanding their business model to include producing positive impact. Positive impact is not philanthropy, but rather a hard-nosed way to reshape competitive advantage.
  • Management and Boards of Directors need new metrics. Traditional accounting does not easily capture the potential risks and value creation of sustainability activities. Thus, proponents of "doing good" often lack the ability to craft successful investment propositions. Executive leaders need new metrics and more comprehensive assessments of the risks and returns from sustainability strategies.

Our Capabilities

We help corporations address the full range of sustainability issues by adapting fundamental business strategy concepts to the requirements of the client’s unique sustainability circumstances.  Our approach of sensitive and disciplined engagement with client organizations is well suited to solving sustainability issues.  Our deep base of experience with customer-oriented strategy positions us to support positive value innovation in the customer dimension of the sustainability movement.

New sustainability-related technology, such as Clean Tech, plays a critical role in many aspects of sustainability. Also important are coordinated efforts in harnessing social media, community outreach, NGO coordination, and liaisons with the scientific and political communities. Alliance can help to shape and guide these forces into a cohesive and successful sustainability strategy.