Strategic Planning

Partners: John O'Reilly & Michael Norkus

Transitions are periods of dramatic change. Organizations in transition need to rapidly build new strategies and structures while coping with immediate crises. Today, many business face transitions caused by new technologies, new management, or new competitor business models.

Through our work with leading companies across a wide range of industries, Alliance has developed a proven methodology to guide an organization through strategic transitions. Using strategy as the compass, we help clients redefine the company's core vision and translate that vision into a pragmatic action plan. The result is an organization aligned behind a set of defined, measurable, and effective initiatives that produce sustainable, profitable change. We have tailored our process to be effective at the corporate, business unit and product line levels.

Our Capabilities

Although the needs and challenges of our clients vary significantly, our strategy development approach consistently touches upon the following elements:

1. Market Drivers and Trend Analysis

  • Market size, segmentation, growth, profit drivers, technology, and trends
  • Analysis of industry structure and likely evolution; economic and regulatory issues; needs of different segments/key customers

2. Capability and Gap Assessment

  • Identification of gaps and risks in current business strategy
  • Deep understanding of current offerings, positioning and internal capabilities relative to competitors; identification of gaps in meeting customer needs

3. Evaluation of Strategic Options

  • Detailed strategic and financial analysis for a range of strategic options
  • Assessment of fit with overall business unit and corporate strategies
  • Contingency planning for possible external reactions

4. Business Cases and Strategic Plans

  • Development of strategies that are innovative, flexible, focus on customers, and contribute to sustainable advantage
  • Rigorous supporting analysis for fact-based recommendations

5. Integrated Cross-Functional Implementation Process

  • Incorporation of input from other functions and external stakeholders
  • Emphasis on efficiency and timeliness of process
  • Clear communication of strategy to the organization to ensure alignment and buy-in

Case Study

  • Streamlining the strategic planning process at a global conglomerate
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