Roles & How We Work

Alliance recruits for two consulting roles: Associate and Consultant. Associates are hired out of undergraduate programs. Consultants and Summer Interns typically come from top MBA or graduate schools. Beyond these positions, however, Alliance staff also includes Managers and Vice Presidents. These positions are filled through either internal promotions or hiring experienced professionals externally.

In a typical client engagement, we work in case teams of between 3-5 Alliance employees. Although assignments may vary considerably, a case team is usually led by a Vice President, run by a Manager and staffed with 1-2 Consultants and 2-3 Associates. Depending on the type of project and specific client needs, case teams typically include between 5 and 8 members from the client company. On some of our larger cases, client team members can number as high as 30 or more.

In staffing projects, we strive to balance the client's need for continuity and knowledge with our own employees' professional development needs. As soon as new hires join the firm, they are given a great deal of responsibility and will be expected to take on more. Client exposure and case team involvement may begin as early as the first day on the job. For that reason, we look for self-starters who want to progress at a rapid pace.

If you have any questions about roles at Alliance, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.