Private Equity & Venture Capital

Partner: John O'Reilly

Growth in average transaction value and heightened competition for "good deals" has increased pressure on investors to improve the precision of front-end deal analysis and to dedicate greater resources

Our experience indicates that a combination of deep strategic insights and greater on-going involvement from investors and portfolio companies significantly improves the odds of success. Our strategy consulting roots often allow us to uncover "deal-breakers" or "deal-makers" that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Our approach is rooted in working collaboratively with investors and portfolio companies from the initial stages of due diligence to post-acquisition integration. We believe that this type of long-term working relationship drives financial and operational performance. We often work in tandem with other deal professionals and investment bankers to maximize financial returns.

Our Capabilities

Service offerings for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms:

  • Industry/Technology Scan – Scan a broad range of industries or technologies to rapidly identify and prioritize high potential markets and investment opportunities for clients
  • Market Entry Concepts – Define creative growth concepts for client in attractive investment or acquisition categories; identify where opportunities exist to create equity value; highlight areas to build sustainable profit growth
  • Acquisition Candidate Screens – Profile and screen potential investments/acquisition candidates in most attractive categories, and identify the most attractive targets for client
  • Due Diligence Analysis – Analyze strategic, business and financial situation of high priority acquisition candidates, identify key issues and risks, make acquisition and valuation recommendations, and outline post-acquisition strategic directions and changes
  • Integration, Business Case, Action Plan – Provide post-transaction analysis and recommendations to client on management of acquisition, strategy, growth plans, and integration activities

Service offerings for Portfolio Companies:

  • Growth Strategy – Find profitable new customers or emerging customer groups through rigorous customer needs analysis and segmentation; identify and exploit untapped opportunities for new products and value-added services to generate additional revenue streams from existing customers
  • Profit Improvement – Fully leverage supply chain to reduce input and/or operational costs, reach new customers, facilitate transactions, create new sources of business value
  • Marketing and Sales Effectiveness – Identify, grow and retain profitable relationships with sales and distribution channels through targeted information and incentive programs, and innovative value-added services
  • Organizational Alignment – Align sales, service, operations, organizational structure, and technology architecture to efficiently deliver targeted levels of service to customer segments

Case Study

  • Reenergizing growth at a core portfolio company
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