Our Philosophy

Alliance brings a unique combination of analytical sophistication and people skills to the task. A client described Alliance as "turbo charger and power steering" for his organization because of our ability to accelerate the resolution of complex strategy issues and to ease a change in strategic direction.

The client benefits in several ways

  • The organization learns from the process: Alliance forms joint project teams with the client and shares relevant concepts and techniques. The organization continues to improve the strategy after the consulting project is completed
  • The strategy is owned by the organization: Involvement throughout the process and attention to the beliefs and personalities of key parties ensure that the results are well understood and supported. Alliance has pioneered a process to build consensus in politically charged business situations
  • Action and change happen: The strategy is linked to an assessment of the competencies and business processes of the organization and defines the skill-building and process changes required to succeed with the new strategy. The Alliance approach creates enthusiasm and commitment to action

Alliance has developed proven concepts and methodologies to rapidly achieve results and build new capabilities for its clients.