Media & Entertainment

Partners: Tony Rhie & Michael Norkus

An unprecedented level of change is occurring within the Media and Entertainment industries. Mega-trends impacting all players include:

  • Disruptive technologies are changing consumer usage and purchasing behavior as companies struggle to find viable new business models
  • Distribution channels and platforms are expanding while big industry players continue to consolidate
  • Trusted brands have increased in value, even though content and programming sources have grown exponentially

Despite these rapid changes, core consumer needs have remained relatively constant – consumer expectations, however, are higher and more divergent than ever before.

Our Media and Entertainment practice works with clients to understand what their consumers want and to best leverage their brands, technologies and physical assets to meet their consumers' expectations.

Our Capabilities

Our client industries have ranged from music to print media to travel destinations to sports associations. Typical challenges that we have helped clients address include:

  • Strengthening consumer insights and relationships through better data capture and management
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of distribution and channel strategies to profitably serve target consumer segments
  • Leveraging core brands, franchises and platforms to drive growth into new markets
  • Mapping out scenarios for industry and technology evolution to assess trade-offs among strategy and investment choices
  • Organizing internal and external resources to align incentives, reduce time-to-market and optimize return on investment

Case Study

  • The theme park division of a leading media & entertainment company focuses internet strategy on customer & channel needs
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