Innovation & New Product Development

Partners: Tony Rhie & Brad Dufour

With continuously evolving customer needs, ever-increasing competition, and rapid technological advancements, a company's ability to innovate has proven to not only be a critical success factor, but a necessary ingredient for survival. Our experience has shown that the most successful companies are proactive in their innovation efforts. These innovators are constantly seeking new ways to harness technology, anticipating shifts in customer needs and further differentiating themselves from competition.

The result of these proactive efforts is innovative ideas which embody themselves in many forms including new products, unique business models, refined channel strategies, enhanced portfolios and optimized supply chains, among others.

Our Capabilities

Alliance Consulting Group has significant experience working with clients in broad-ranging industries to develop and exploit innovative ideas. Our approach to the innovation process is tailored to the needs of each client, but typically incorporates elements of the following:

  • Opportunity Landscape Evaluation – Ideate and identify potential innovation opportunities, evaluate the relative attractiveness of each opportunity and prioritize the opportunities according to key strategic, financial and operational criteria
  • Business Case Definition – Evaluate the strategic and financial rationale for pursuing a particular opportunity. Identify potential investment requirements and expected ROI
  • Strategy Development – Develop the optimal approach to capture the innovation opportunity that creates a compelling value proposition for customers and builds and sustains a competitive advantage relative to current and potential market offerings
  • Partnership/Acquisition Screening – Scan broad range of industries/technologies to identify potential partners and/or target acquisitions. Profile and screen most attractive partners/acquisition opportunities. Conduct rapid strategic, business and financial due diligence
  • Commercialization Support – Determine knowledge, asset and/or resource requirements necessary to commercialize an innovation opportunity. Evaluate make, buy, partner, license and/or acquire decision for each critical requirement
  • Portfolio Management – Manage the innovation pipeline by allocating appropriate resource levels to short/long term initiatives to supplement and balance a business' portfolio
  • Performance Monitoring – Identify the appropriate scorecard metrics to evaluate performance and identify appropriate systems and/or processes to monitor performance

Case Study

  • A leading beverage company seeks to reinvigorate growth through innovation
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