Life Sciences

Partner: Brad Dufour

Life Sciences is a large and highly complex industry. In fact, with total expenditures in all of its segments now exceeding $1.5 trillion, Life Sciences is the largest economic sector in the U.S. Industry participants are embattled in a continual struggle to improve the efficiency of their operations, cut costs at every opportunity, and increase the intensity of their "customer focus." The strategic choices that industry participants are now making will define the Life Sciences landscape for years to come. Some important industry trends include:

  • Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies are being forced to place bigger strategic bets as success rates decline, the number of attractive opportunities become more scarce and the pricing environment becomes more competitive
  • Providers and payors continue to refine their business models and processes to offer a broader array of services more effectively and efficiently
  • Patients are behaving more like consumers – seeking more information, making their own value judgments and being more proactive about defining the goods and services they want

Alliance's Life Sciences practice is geared around helping Life Sciences players understand the rapidly changing environment and make difficult, high stakes choices.

Our Capabilities

Alliance has chosen to focus in selected sectors of the Life Sciences industry. We have extensive experience working with clients in the hospital care and services segment, as well as the medical devices segment, to devise strategies for revenue growth and profitability enhancement. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Customer segmentation to clearly define product and service requirements of different patient populations
  • Brand and marketing strategy to create differentiation in the eyes of patient-consumers
  • Profitability driver analysis to understand where cost savings opportunities may lie without sacrifice to Life Sciences delivery and quality perception
  • Market entry and launch strategy for new devices and therapeutic treatment areas
  • Business process redesign to respond to sudden changes in technology, competition and the regulatory environment

Case Study

  • Regaining market momentum for innovative medical device
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