Food & Beverage

Partners: Tony Rhie & Brad Dufour

Consumers have become increasingly sophisticated about the functional and intangible benefits that they seek from food and beverage products. In today's economy, consumers have also become much more savvy about price and value trade-offs associated with different brands and product solutions. The traditional notions of brand loyalty have been eroded as consumers experiment and switch more than ever before.

Companies have responded by aggressively investing in innovation – at the brand, product, channel and service level. This has led to an unprecedented level of new brands, products, extensions and marketing campaigns directed towards the same set of consumers.

The return on investment from these initiatives has been mixed as retail and distribution channels have consolidated and the costs of new product launches have increased. As a result, companies are seeking a more disciplined and structured approach to manage growth and innovation.

Our Capabilities

Alliance has extensive experience working with leading food and beverage companies to address the growth and innovation challenge. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of consumer needs – discovering what consumers value and are willing to pay for. We utilize proprietary frameworks, rigorous data analysis, and industry best practices to create unique insights that drive successful growth strategies.

Our approach is tailored to the needs of each client, but typically incorporates elements of the following capabilities:

  • Consumer Needs Assessment and Segmentation
  • Marketing and Sales Effectiveness
  • Value Proposition Definition
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Industry Best Practices

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