Business Process Redesign

Partner: Brad Dufour

A goal of any organization is to maximize the value it captures by designing business processes to optimally transform "raw" inputs into customer-targeted solutions. To maximize the value delivered to a business, processes are typically optimized around one or more of the following:

  • Customer Needs – Processes designed to better meet new, existing or changing customer needs
  • Competitive Differentiation – Processes designed to build competitive advantage by providing a product or service in a way that competitors can not readily replicate
  • Business Economics – Processes designed to lower costs through operational efficiency enhancements

While most business processes are initially optimized to one or more of these variables, many business processes "de-tune" over time. Our experience has shown that this de-tuning is the result of a combination of both internal and external factors including: evolving customer needs, emergence of new competitive threats, shift in industry structure and market dynamics, company growth, and technological innovations, among others.

Our Capabilities

Alliance Consulting Group has developed a proven methodology that harnesses these internal and external dynamics to effectively transform and optimize a business' processes. The key elements of the methodology are outlined below:

  • Discover – Actively identify and analyze internal and external factors which may alter the efficiency and effectiveness of existing processes and identify/assess opportunities for improvement
  • Develop – Develop, detail and analyze strategies, organization structures and business processes to capture the improvement opportunities
  • Deploy – Implement business processes, structures and strategies. Establish and measure key strategic, financial and operational metrics to assess the effectiveness of redesigned processes

Case Study

  • As part of its strategy to capture and dominate an emerging consumer segment, a major national bank's consumer lending business redesigns its loan origination and fulfillment processes
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